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Statutory Offences

Statutory Offences including Mining & Local Government

We have many years experience in representing clients the subject of investigation or charges conducted or brought pursuant to various Queensland and Federal statutes.


More particularly, our firm continues to represent clients the subject of either investigation or charges under the Coal Mining Safety and Health Act 1999, Local Government Act 2009 and the Liquor Act 1992.


The aforementioned statutes are voluminous. Providing proper advice and representation requires an intimate knowledge of the relevant statutory provisions. Representation of our clients under the Coal Mining Health & Safety Act commonly requires our solicitors to attend mine sites throughout regional Queensland. These attendances are carried out by our solicitors, often at short notice. The value of timely and informed advice, in such circumstances, cannot be overstated.


We pride ourselves on providing timely, informed and sage advice to all clients the subject of investigation under the aforementioned statutes.


If you are contacted by an officer investigating an alleged breach of any Queensland or Federal statute you should provide them only with your name, address and date of birth before contacting us on (07) 3012 9900.

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